NAME: Obelisco di Nelson (Nelson’s Obelisk)

LOCATION: a few kilometers from Nelson’s Castle (Castello di Maiance), at 1553 meters elevation in the area of Contrada Serra del Mergo, near Serra del Re (1754 m.) and the Foresta Vecchia.



DESCRIPTION: This monument was put up by Alexander Nelson-Birdport to honor his father, Duke Alexander Nelson Hood, a descendent of Admiral Horatio Nelson. It was built in 1905 a few kilometers from the Castle.  At the base of the large plaque, which has been damaged by time, there is a chiseled dedication, written in Latin, in memory of Alexander Nelson Hood that reads: “illustrious descendent of the immortal hero of the Nile”.

Unfortunately the monument has not been preserved over the course of the years and, in fact, signs of decay and vandalism are clearly visible.


HOW TO GET THERE: A possible path (we suggest, however, you contact a local guide). From Nelson’s Castle, cross the Bridge over the Saraceno River, go right at the fork and continue.  Continue on the paved road past the English cemetery and continue for about 4 km, up the steep incline, past the houses of the village Taiti, until you arrive at the Forestry corps. cabin at Segheria. Here you should park and continue by foot, even if, in the summer it may be possible to continue off-road to Serra del Mergo with a 4×4 vehicle.  After the first stretch of gravel road, the road will become paved again. At the next fork, turn left and soon after, when you reach the gate, the paved road ends and you continue to the right, on the gravel road that continues uphill.  The path continues to climb to the obelisk.  The hike will take about 90 mins.