NAME: Museo del Carretto Siciliano “Gullotti”

LOCATION:  Contrada Cantera snc – 95034 Bronte (CT)


Just as Rome has the Coliseum, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, and New York has the Statue of Liberty, Sicily’s identifying marvel is the Sicilian Cart. The cart is one of the most recognizable and significant iconographic symbols of Sicilian folklore and tradition. Originally, these horse-drawn carts were simply a means of transporting goods; they were used across the entire Sicilian territory from the 1800s to the mid-20th century.  Although the Sicilian Cart was born as a means of transportation, they soon became a “vehicle of cultural transmission” for Sicilians. The decorative motifs of the carts, carried out in sculpture and painting, recount moments from Sicilian history, epic poetry, popular folk and religious episodes, and more. The Sicilian cart differs from other carts around the world in its evolution from a purely functional object to intricate and functioning works of art.  For Sicilians, the Caretto Siciliano is “Art in motion”.

DESCRIPTION: Aside from the exquisite Sicilian Carts, the museum houses, carriages and buggies, a considerable amount of objects (over 300 pieces) including decorated sideboards, “casci i fusu” (boxes and axels), wheels, couplings, harnesses, tack and plumes for the horses, earthenware jars, and much more, all elements of traditional Sicilian folklore, and of the (now disappeared) world of the Sicilian Cart and its cart-makers.

The Gulotti family, beginning with the Don Carmelo (a cart-maker by profession), to his son, Pippo, and to his grandchildren Carmelo, Alfredo and Biagio, have taken care of this collection for more than 60 years.  Moreover, they have contributed not only their collection, but also their know-how and experience of cart-making, as well as their knowledge of the uses, traditions, and even the anecdotes regarding the art, and the life of the Sicilian Cart in all of its aspects. 

ENTRANCE:  By appointment and by entrance fee

CONTACTS: Telephone 095/691580 – Alfredo Gullotti – cell  329/3804416


ACCESSIBILITY: There is parking available for buses and cars. Handicapped accessible.