NAME: Basolato lavico.LOCATION: Contrada SS. Cristo.DESCRIPTION: Above the town of Bronte it is possible to travel along a road made entirely out of lava rock.  Bronte has one of the most beautiful entrances to the Vocanic park on northwest face of Etna.  The fascinating road, paved with basalt slabs, runs from contrada SS. Cristo to the Piano dei Grilli.  This scenic road will take you across the harsh and otherworldly landscape of the lava flows, frozen in time since the last flow of 1651.  A few km from the entrance to the basalt road (on the right and marked with a sign), you can admire the Grotta della Neve, or Snow cave, also known as the College Grotto, which is characterized by its broad vaulted ceiling. Historically the grotto served to store ice and snow to be used in the summer months. About 400m from the Grotta della Neve, you’ll reach the small forestry barracks at Piano dei Grilli (the prairie of the crickets), which is the base camp for a variety of mountain hiking and climbing excursions within the Parco dell’Etna.The black lava rock that covers terrain seems to hug the town of Bronte from the north face of the mountain.  It is a most unique landscape that contrasts the arid sterility of the lava flows with the typical verdant colors of the Sicilian woodlands that rise at the base of Mt. Etna.ENTRANCE: Free/Outdoor attractionHOW TO GET THERE:By car: From Viale Indipendenza, turn right on Viale John F. Kennedy; the basalt road begins after about 2 km another 4 km or so to the Piano dei Grilli.